Big One: Summer 2022

The 12 Days of Summer box was a complete SELL OUT!

UPDATE: We have added a second batch, BE QUICK, once these are gone there will be no more!

Our Summer 2022 Big One is something completely different!

After the success of our Christmas Advent, ‘The 12 Days of Planning’, we didn’t want to wait a whole year to do it again, which got us thinking…

How about a countdown to Midsummer’s Day?!

12 days of stationery, 12 daily prompts, all delivered to your door!

It’s the perfect opportunity for a mid-year check-in, to reassess your goals and celebrate the half-way point of 2022!

For the very first ’12 Days of Summer’, we are taking you on a journey to the thriving souks of Marrakesh, with a collection of stunning jewel toned stationery. We are loving this rich and indulgent colour palette!

Inside the box, you will receive 12 individual numbered envelopes, each containing a surprise journaling item.

The envelopes themselves are a work of art! With stunning colours to match the theme, adorned with our Moroccan tile-inspired numbered stickers.

We won’t tell you the exact contents of the box but, as always, you can expect stencils, stickers, Washi tape and much more!

We will begin by opening envelope number 1 on Monday 13th June, continuing through until Midsummer’s Day on Sunday 24th June.

Every item will have an accompanying journal prompt or activity, which will be shared in an exclusive Facebook group – The perfect opportunity to get involved with our super supportive journaling community.

FYI – The prompts will also be shared via email for those not on Facebook.


As long as your subscription is “active”. Your payment will be automatically processed on 1st April.

If your subscription is “on hold” you will need to reactivate to ensure the payment is processed.

FYI. When reactivating, your exact payment date may be effected by when you paused your subscription. Check your next payment date for details. We do endeavour to manually adjust to 1st April but we may not always catch these in time.


We have a limited number of additional subscriptions available along with some stand-alone boxes. Click here to see options available.

The ’12 Days of Summer’ is due to ship on the 1st of June. We will aim to ship the overseas boxes the week prior, to allow plenty of time for them to arrive before we start the daily unboxing.

IMPORTANT! If you cannot wait for the daily unboxing and decide to open all the envelopes as soon as it lands on your door mat, PLEASE do not post spoilers on social media or in our community groups!

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