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Welcome to the #LoveDaisy Club Forum, your exclusive place to chat, share tips and discuss how you will use the contents of your latest #LoveDaisy subscription box!

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  1. Hello, Im Kathy, new to Oops a Daisy, can’t wait for my first box, love all things pens, stationery and…

  2. Hi, I’m Emily. I live in Ipswich. Can’t wait to receive my first box 😁

  3. Hi Everyone. I’m Shellie. Originally from London, now living in Dorset with my Border Terrier called Poppy. I’m animal mad.…

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  1. Hi Guys!

    This is Jo, creator of Oops a Daisy and Love Daisy! Click “Reply” and introduce yourself below…

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    1. Hi, I’m Gem. Just received my box and I’m super excited to get started on my summer spreads!

      1. Hi, I’m Emma and not long received my first subscription box. It is packed full, I love it! I will look forward to see how everyone is using the contents as I don’t feel very creative so love to see ideas for what to do with the items.

    2. Heya,
      I just found a ‘missed parcel’ card. Could that be yours?
      I look forward picking it up tomorrow. Very excited for my first box.
      Have a lovely afternoon everyone.

    3. Hi I’m Chrissie and I’m excited to start journaling, I’ve crafted for years but not done bujo. Picked my summer box up from the post office today and looking forward to having a go xx

    4. Hi, I’m Helen, got my Summer box, it’s cracking! Ended up starting setting up
      July, just so I could play with the contents!

    5. Hi!

      My name is Shannon and I’m from San Diego, CA (US)

      I just got my summer box today and am beyond excited to get into it!

    6. Hi everyone my name is Pam and I’m from Northern Ireland 😁 I received my first subscription box this month and I’m absolutely thrilled with it!! I’m new to journaling and the stencils are such a helpful tool! Looking forward to seeing all your spreads ❤️😁

    7. Hiya, I’m Carmen and Im super excited about getting my first aubscription box down here in New Zealand … Will be out of season for us but can’t wait to use them in Nov/Dec in our summer!

    8. Hi I’m Susan and I’m super excited to have my first box shipped soon. Love everything I’ve ordered individually so far. Also ordered the special Christmas box. Can’t wait!

    9. Hi everybody; I’m looking foreward to receive the first box and to get in contact with the community.
      Kind regards from Switzerland.

    10. Hi! This is Joy from California (United States)! I can’t wait for my first box and am super excited for the monthly setup stencil. 🙂

    11. Hi
      I’m Debbie and from Northern Ireland. Addicted to journaling just wish I had more time to be creative. Love the boxes and stencils and makes my day when I see a little brown box from postie.

    12. Hi everyone! My name is Michaela Donoghue and I am from Austria! Can’t wait to receive my first box and get started properly!

    13. Hi Everyone. I’m Shellie. Originally from London, now living in Dorset with my Border Terrier called Poppy. I’m animal mad. Love journaling, even more so since I discovered all the great inspiration at Love Daisy. My first quarterly box is about to land……

    14. Hello, Im Kathy, new to Oops a Daisy, can’t wait for my first box, love all things pens, stationery and stickers! Just not enough hours in a day for me. x

  2. Hi, I’m Ellen and I live in Milton Keynes, UK. My #LoveDaisy Summer box arrived this morning. Excited to start my summer spread.

  3. Hi, I’m Donna and I live in Ipswich, UK. Received my Summer Box today and can’t wait to start using it!

  4. Hi everyone, I’m Carol and I am from Edinburgh UK. My box arrived while I was away at a retreat but I eagerly tore into it as soon as I was home, I loved it, the stencils were perfect for setting up my June spreads.

  5. Hello! I’m not new to bujo, but yet new to bujo *haha* and looking forward to get my boxes. (Ordered a subscription for every three month… (Is it the same content as in monthly boxes but sended out every three month???)

  6. Hi everyone im so excited to subscribe 🙂 ive been bujoing for around two years and am deffinatly addicted. Its great to find like minded people

  7. Hello all! I am so excited I just subscribed and cannot wait for my subscription box to get here now!!!!! 😀

  8. Hello everyone. Im very new to all this, just recieved my autumn box today and cant wait to get started.

  9. Hi everyone. I’ve just subscribed today and await my first box in December. Looking forward to seeing what’s in it and hope it will encourage me to use my bullet journal more as I’m in a bit of a slump with it currently.

  10. Hi! Just received the Roaring 20s box and I love it!!! How is everyone going to be using their stencils?

  11. Would be great to have more examples of how to use the stencils in all subscription boxes. I struggle each time and there isn’t always an example

  12. Hi my name is Amber DiPrima and i live in Nauvoo, Illinois, USA. I love the boxes that I have received.

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