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Welcome to the #LoveDaisy Club, here is a great place to chat with other journaling fans, share tips and tricks and discuss the contents of your latest #LoveDaisy subscription box.

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I’m Jo, the creator of Oops a Daisy and the Love Daisy boxes. I am 39… (big 4-0 this year), I’m a registered vet nurse, working part time at my local practice which I absolutely love. I spend the rest of my time running Oops a Daisy and generally being obsessed with stationery as a whole! I live in Essex, UK with my dog (Daisy) and two cats, Buttercup and Flora.

I’m looking forward to hearing all about you all!


Published by Oops a Daisy

I live in Essex in the UK with my gaggle of furry friends including Daisy the dog. I have had lifetime passion/obsession for beautiful stationery and to do lists which has lead me to the wonderful world of Bullet journals. When I first starting bullet journaling it struck me the lack of UK based resources for journal accessories which lead me to create my own. I know run my online shop selling my hand made journal stencils and ship all over the world and am just as enthusiastic as I ever was about stationery and organisation!

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