Big One Gallery

Take a closer look at some of our most recent boxes! Which one is your favourite? (more photos coming soon!)

Find Your Ikigai – June 2021

Ikigai is a Japanese term which, loosely translated, means “a reason for being”.

Our Ikigai box was inspired by Japanese Cherry Blossom (think PINK!).

The box contained:

🌸 Ikigai #ClearCut Font Stencil

🌸Pakoga Classic A5 Stencil (laminated card)

🌸Cherry Blossom Pocket Stencil

🌸 Japanese Pattern Pocket Stencil

🌸 Dark Cherry Blossom Washi

🌸 Light Cherry Blossom Washi

🌸 Journal Origami Skills Kit

🌸 Magenta Mildliner Brush Pen

🌸 Black Royal Talen Koi Brush Pen

🌸 Japanese Week Days Brush Pen Guide

🌸 Sakura Days of the Week A5 Sticker Sheet

🌸 Find Your Ikigai A4 Sticker Worksheet

🌸 Sakura Bookmark

🌸 #PlanWithMe invite and BIG ONE box guide

More photos to follow!

Time To Bloom – March 2021

The Time to Bloom box was all about bringing spring blooms to your journal!

The Box contained:

🌼 Buttercup Weekly – Super Easy Stencil

🌼 Time to Bloom – Classic Stencil (laminated)

🌼 Time to Bloom – ABC (part 1) – Pocket Stencil

🌼 Time to Bloom – ABC (part 2) – Pocket Stencil

🌼 Time to Bloom Washi Tape

🌼 Floral Mandala Skills Kit

🌼 Happiness Blooms From Within Notepad

🌼 Spring Journal Stickers – A5 Sticker Sheet

🌼 Spring Cleaning Icons – A5 Sticker Sheet

🌼 Zebra Metallic Pen

🌼 Kirarich Glitter Highlighter

🌼 Z-Grip Floral Gel Pen

🌼 Time to Bloom #PlanWithMe Invite

🌼 Time to Bloom BIG ONE guide

Back to the 80s – December 2020

It was time to go RETRO with our 80s box. Full of NEON and retro fun!

The box contained:

😎 80s Shapes – Classic A5 Stencil (laminated)

😎 Neon Alphabet – Classic A5 Stencil (laminated)

😎 Boom Box – Classic A5 Stencil (laminated)

😎 Back to the 80s Washi Tape

😎 Shrinkie Dink Washi Holder Project Kit

😎 80s Scrapbook Paper

😎 80s Journal Headers – A5 Sticker Sheet

😎 80s Icons – A5 Sticker Sheet

😎 Neon Orange Mildliner Brush Pen

😎 80s Doodlerz Mechanical Pencil

😎 Snail Scribbles HOW TO DRAW 80s Worksheet

😎 Word of the Year Worksheet

Safari – September 2020

Our Safari box brought a little bit of wild to your journal!

The box contained:

🦁 Lion – Classic A5 Stencil (laminated)

🦁 Giraffe Tracker – Classic A5 Stencil (laminated)

🦁 Animal Print – Classic A5 Stencil (laminated)

🦁 Safari Week Days Washi Tape

🦁 Animal Print Pocket Maker – Journal Project Kit

🦁 Safari Pencil Case

🦁 Green Papermate Flair Pen

🦁 Mini Giraffe Stickers

🦁 Safari Meal Plan Sticker Sheet

🦁 Safari Habit Tracker Sticker Sheet

🦁 Snail Scribbles HOW TO DRAW Safari Worksheet

🦁 Safari Goals Worksheet

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