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Big Love

Jo (aka Oops a Daisy!)


Lettering #LoveDaisy Box – Product Substitution


If you are reading this then hopefully it means you are subscribed to our quarterly box and you have received an email to say your box is on the way… HURRAH!!!

In the email I mentioned a substitution that I had to make fairly last minute in order to get these boxes out on time…

The pandemic has meant that the shipping of certain items was delayed and we had to wait until very last minute to get a couple of the items in the box packed up.

One item that I had planned to included was a fineliner by the brand Manuscript… I was given a sample at a stationery show I attended and loved it so much that I really wanted to include one for you all to try.

Unfortunately the shipping got delayed several times (this was actually from a supplier in the UK), to the point where it would have meant the boxes being shipped out late, so I had to make the decision to substitute in another fineliner that I could source with next day delivery.

I did a lot of research (it was a very late night), but I’m so happy with the pen I have included and hope you will be too!

Arteza are a brand that create a huge range of great quality art supplies, from brush pens, to paints, watercolour pencils to fineliners. I’ve had some time to test out the pen we included and it is so smoooooth! I think you’ll enjoy using it in your journal!

As always I can’t wait to hear your feedback about everything in the box… its been a real labour of love and because of the pandemic restrictions we’ve had to pack and ship in a slightly different way this time, meaning that they won’t all be sent out on the same day… but don’t worry they are all going out a few days early (I think we all need a happy surprise right now!)

Take care, stay safe and happy journaling.



How to use the Sidebar Weekly Stencil

Hi all!

I hope by now many of the #LoveDaisy Rainbow boxes have hit the doormat!

I wanted to share some inspiration for one of the stencils in the box: the Super Easy Weekly Sidebar Stencil!

This one was designed to create a two page weekly spread with room for each of the days in the middle and a sidebar at the side if the page that can be used for important dates or meal planning.

Heres a few pictures of my weekly spread…

To create this spread I used…

Iā€™d love to see what you create with this stencil. Share your pictures in the comments below!

Big Love



Rainbow Planning

Hey Guys!

As I’m writing this the first of the Rainbow planning boxes are in the hands of Royal Mail and should be hitting UK door mats in the next couple of days with Worldwide subscribers receiving theirs over the next couple of weeks.

I’m so proud of the Rainbow box, it is the result of lots of customer feedback (so if you completed a survey thank you so much!)

You guys asked for two things… the first was easy… better packaging. We have upgraded our postal boxes so your goodies should get to you securely, and you will see that the items inside are packed slightly differently too… let us know what you think.

Secondly you wanted more back to basic planning supplies. So first up the stencils in this box have been designed to help you set up your weekly and monthly spreads. I shall say no more as I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I will be uploading images of these stencils in action in my journal very soon.

Your journal accessories should also be items that you can use every week/month in your journal set up… I’m so excited to get using these myself… again ill keep quiet for now but I really hope you like it all.

More pictures and tutorials coming soon…

For now, big love

Jo xxx

Steampunk Washi Storage!

This week our Steampunk themed box was dispatched and inside was a tiny little project kit with a cryptic clue…

So how do you turn some tiny bulldog clips and a piece of elastic into washi storage?

First step…

Loop one end of your elastic through the hole in the bulldog clip, and tie it securely!

Now do the same with the other end of the elastic and a second bulldog clip…

And that’s it… you can loop the washi onto the elastic and clip onto your stationery storage like this…

Or just clip the clips together so you can carry them all together on the go…

Super simple but keeps all of your Washi tape together and organised!

We hope you love the steampunk box as much as we do, don’t forget to share your creations using the hashtag #LoveDaisyInspo šŸ’œ

Big Love

Oops a Daisy