#LoveDaisy Club

What is the #LoveDaisy Club?

By signing up to the #LoveDaisy subscription, you are not only reserving yourself each quarterly box ahead of the crowd, but also joining our exclusive club!

#LoveDaisy members will receive a membership package within their first subscription box.

The membership package will contain an EXCLUSIVE members gift PLUS a membership card which contains all the details of how to access our Members Only Area.

The Members only area will provide video, blog and downloadable content that isn’t available anywhere else!

Click here to sign-up NOW!

What is the EXCLUSIVE members gift?

Our members gift is a brand new style of stencil to the Oops a Daisy range – the full page monthly is a stencil designed to make monthly spread set up super quick. Just trace the stencil onto a double page spread as shown below and personalise in your theme or colour way.