#LoveDaisy Subscription Payment Schedule

From July 2019 payments for our monthly and quarterly subscription boxes will be synchronised to the 1st of the month as per the schedule below. For new subscriptions your first payment will in most cases be taken at the point of sign up.*

*Exception for monthly boxes where sign ups take place after box dispatch on the 14th and prior to 1st of the following month will be delayed until 1st.

LoveDaisy Quarterly Subscription Box Schedule

Payment TakenBox DispatchBox Theme
1st June 2019Summer
1st July 20191st September 2019Steam Punk
1st October 20191st December 2019Roaring Twenties
1st January 20201st March 2020Rainbow Planning
1st April 20201st June 2020TBC
1st July 20201st September 2020TBC
1st October 20201st December 2020TBC

LoveDaisy Monthly Mini Box Schedule

Payment TakenBox DispatchBox Theme
14th May 2019Flamingo
1st June 201914th June 2019Pineapple
1st July 201914th July 2019Fox
1st August 201914th August 2019Halloween
1st September 201914th September 2019Pop Art
1st October 201914th October 2019Polar Bear
1st November 201914th November 2019Elephants
1st December 201914th December 2019Love Birds
1st January 202014th January 2020Gardener’s World
1st February 202013th February 2020TBC
1st March 202014th March 2020TBC
1st April 202014th April 2020TBC
1st May 202014th May 2020TBC