#LoveDaisy Subscription Payment Schedule

The BIG ONE – 2021 Schedule and Themes

Payment TakenBox DispatchBox Theme
1st January 20211st March 2021Time to Bloom
1st April 20211st June 2021Find Your Ikigai
1st July 20211st September 2021Spellbound
1st October 20211st December 2021TBC

The MINI ONE – 2021 Schedule and Themes

Payment TakenBox DispatchBox Theme
1st January 202114th January 2021Space
1st February 202114th February 2021Biscuits
1st March 202114th March 2021Honey Bees
1st April 202114th April 2021Weather
1st May 202114th May 2021Cactus
1st June 202114th June 2021Beach Huts
1st July 202114th July 2021Under the Sea
1st August 202114th August 2021TBC
1st September 202114th September 2021TBC
1st October 202114th October 2021TBC
1st November 202114th November 2021TBC
1st December 202114th December 2021TBC

Daisy Doodles Club – 2021 Schedule and Themes

Payment TakenBox DispatchBox Theme
N/A14th January 2021Space
On Sign Up14th April 2021Dinosaurs
1st June 202114th July 2021Summer
1st September 202114th October 2021TBC

Our Previous Themes:

The BIG ONE – 2019 – 2020 Schedule and Themes

Payment TakenBox DispatchBox Theme
1st June 2019Summer
1st July 20191st September 2019Steam Punk
1st October 20191st December 2019Roaring Twenties
1st January 20201st March 2020Rainbow Planning
1st April 20201st June 2020Lettering
1st July 20201st September 2020Safari
1st October 20201st December 2020Back to the 80s

The MINI ONE – 2019 – 20 Schedule and Themes

Payment TakenBox DispatchBox ThemeMonth Design
14th May 2019FlamingoJuly
1st June 201914th June 2019PineappleAugust
1st July 201914th July 2019FoxSeptember
1st August 201914th August 2019HalloweenOctober
1st September 201914th September 2019Pop ArtNovember
1st October 201914th October 2019Polar BearDecember
1st November 201914th November 2019ElephantsJanuary
1st December 201914th December 2019Love BirdsFebruary
1st January 202014th January 2020Gardener’s WorldMarch
1st February 202013th February 2020LondonApril
1st March 202014th March 2020SeasideMay
1st April 202014th April 2020LlamaJune
1st May 202014th May 2020SlothJuly
1st June 202014th June 2020Moon and StarsAugust
1st July 202014th July 2020RainbowSeptember
1st August 202014th August 2020UnicornOctober
1st September 202014th September 2020GeometricNovember
1st October 202014th October 2020Winter WonderlandDecember
1st November 202014th November 2020Lucky CatJanuary
1st December 202014th December 2020Wise OwlFebruary

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