Mini One Gallery

This gallery features our older boxes, prior to the release of the Mini One PLUS in November 2022.

October 2021 – Rockin’ Robins

MINI ONE - Robins - ICON

Rockin Robin was our winter box for 2021. It featured a gorgeous navy Washi Tape with a super cute robin motif.

The pocket stencils had a robin and holly design to continue the wintery theme throughout your spreads.

We included a stunning copper Gelly roll pen as the accessory with this box. Find out more here.

September 2021 – Ladybirds

We had a tonne of requests to feature these little guys in our boxes.

The stencils included a large lady bug with 7 spots. This would make a fab tracker! The little ladybird stencil could be used for borders and decoration.

The Washi Tape added even more ladybug cuteness!

Our accessory this month was a bright red Sakura Koi brush pen.

August 2021 – Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas was a box with a purpose! We want you to use this Washi and Stencil to lay out spreads which contain all of your things to do, big plans and inspiration!

The box contained a BRIGHT neon pen by Zebra, along with a little something extra… Our Bright Ideas paperclip.

MINI ONE - Bright Ideas - ICON

July 2021 – Under the Sea

Our Under the Sea box was another customer request! You guys love a seaside theme!

It included an Under the Sea themed Washi Tape, and a Zebra Mildliner in a goldfish orange!

Mildliners are double ended for twice the fun! You can read more about the range here.

June 2021 – Beach Huts

Our Beach Hut box was a real crowd favourite.

It contained a swing cool pastel highlighter by Stabilo in one of 5 colours (that perfectly matched the beach huts on our Washi Tape!

You can read more about the pen here.

Use our stencils to create a variety of beach huts in your journal spreads.

MINI ONE - Beach Huts - ICON
Beach Huts

May 2021 – Cacti

MINI ONE - Cactus - ICON

Looking sharp!

Stencils: A selection of cacti, pots and faces to create a whole range of spiked friends!

Washi tape: Go green in your journal with our succulent and cacti Washi tape!

Pen: Our May box contain an absolute favourite of the journaling community… the GELLY ROLL!

The Gelly Roll Moonlight 06 in Leaf Green has a fine nib has a line width of 0.3 mm. Gelly Roll pens write smoothly and have a constant flow of ink. The lines dry fast and won’t fade. The pen is ideal for drawing, lettering, journaling, decorating and writing. Moonlight is the only truly brilliant gel pen. Perfect for use on coloured, white and black paper.

April 2021 – Blame it on the Weatherman!


Stencils: A set of weather icons to decorate or record weather in your journal, plus an umbrella/raindrop tracker!

Washi: Whats cuter than the sun with a face… A raincloud with a face that’s what!

Pen: Our “Blame it on the Weatherman” box contained a Koi brush pen by Royal Talen. These are the guys that create Gelly Roll pens (another journaling fave!).

Koi Colouring Brushes have a flexible brush tip with which you can simply draw lines of various thicknesses. The ink is water-based and enables wonderful colour gradations to be created. To learn more, click here.

MINI ONE - Weather - ICON

March 2021 – Honey Bee


Stencils: A range of hexagons to set up your weekly or monthly spread. Use the cluster of 7 as a habit tracker! We also included a little bee and some blossoms for him to feed on!

Washi: The cutest little bee’s this is one of our favourite washi tapes!

Pen: Our Honey box box included a Zebra Sarasa clip gel pen in “milk orange”.

The Sarasa Clip features a water based pigment ink that is acid free. It is available in 3 colour ranges. Vibrant, Milk and Shimmering Metallic.

 The “Milk” range have a 0.5mm point, with 8 colour variations available. To learn more, click here.

February 2021 – Take the Biscuit!

Stencils: Two pocket stencils featuring a range of biscuit shapes, in two sizes. Perfect for headers and decoration.

Washi Tape: A white tape which showcases all of our favourite biscuits!

Pen: Our biscuit box included a Pilot V Fineliner in brown ink.

The pen has a 0.5mm nib. The liquid ink is a biscuit brown to co-ordinate with your stencil and Washi tape!

Learn more about your new Pilot Pen here.

The Biscuit box also contained a bonus snack… We just couldn’t resist!

January 2021 – Space

How do you organise a party in space? You PLANET!

Stencils: Two super fun stencils including a little green man, an astronaut, a rocket and M, T, W, F, S for the days of the week in a space themed font!

Washi: The Space box contained our very first metallic tape, a deep blue tape with happy planets (because everything looks better with eyebrows) and metallic stars and moons.

Pen: Our space box included a Black Glitter Doodlerz Gel pen by Zebra.

The Glitter Doodlerz come in 10 fab colours. They have a 0.7mm nib with water resistant permanent ink.

To learn more about Zebra click here.

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