Mini One – Product Links

The Mini One has changed for 2021 – all of our boxes from now on will contain a writing utensil from one of our favourite brands!

If you like what you receive you may want to learn a little bit more about the brand and the product.

I will compile a list of resources below as our boxes ship!

Please note: These are external web links, we receive no commission, this is purely for your information!

January 2021 – Space

Our space box included a Black Glitter Doodlerz Gel pen by Zebra.

The Glitter Doodlerz come in 10 fab colours. They have a 0.7mm nib with water resistant permanent ink.

To learn more about Zebra click here.

February 2021 – TBC

March 2021 – TBC

April 2021 – TBC

May 2021 – TBC

June 2021- TBC

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