Stencil FAQs

Both the the BIG ONE and the MINI ONE contain brand new Oops a Daisy Stencil designs.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our stencils:

Why use stencils?

Stencils make setting up your pages super quick, no need to count squares or use rulers! You can also use stencils to add design features to your page – no need for artistic talent to make things pretty.

How many will I get?

4 stencils are included in the BIG ONE, (a Super Easy/Font Stencil, 2 Pocket Sized and a Classic A5).

2 pocket sized stencils in the MINI ONE.

What are they made of?

We use two materials to make our stencils, you can learn a bit more about both of these below.

Currently the Pocket and Super Easy sizes are made of laminated card, the Classic A5 stencil is either laminated card or #ClearCut and the Font Stencil is in #Clearcut only.

Laminated Card

Made of a laminated card stock, the laminate stencil is a lightweight, opaque stencil, delicate on your pens and easy to identify because of the bright colour! Please note, colour may vary from that shown.


Made of flexible frosted polypropylene, the #ClearCut stencil is NEW to our range in June 2021. It is still just as lightweight and flexible as the original laminated stencils, which is important because this makes it less damaging to your pens than rigid plastic or metal stencils. Our new #ClearCut material provides the added benefit of being transparent, allowing easier positioning on your page.

The #ClearCut material is also recyclable, making our manufacturing a more eco friendly process.

How big are they?

  • Our classic stencil size is designed to be used in an A5 journal. The size of this is 22cm x 12cm.
  • Our Pocket stencil is 13cm x 9.5cm (will tuck inside an A5 Journal).
  • Our Super Easy/Font stencils are 20.3cm x 14cm (will tuck inside an A5 Journal).

How can I store my stencils?

Our classic sized stencil and font stencils are provided punched for a 6 ring folder.

This style of punch is suitable for storing in an A5 Filofax type folder, or the custom made Oops a Daisy Stencil Storage Folder

Storage solutions for our Pocket and Super Easy stencils can be found here.

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