The Mini One!

The Mini One is the monthly journaling subscription box brought to you by Oops a Daisy, and now you have even more control over what drops onto your door mat each month!

As a subscriber to the Mini One: YOU CHOOSE, each month you will have the option to pause your subscription if the theme is not for you, stick with the original Mini One or upgrade to the Mini One + PLUS*.

Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. What’s in the Mini One?
  2. How much is the Mini One?
  3. What’s in the Mini One + PLUS?
  4. How much is the Mini One + PLUS?
  5. I want to see the spoilers!
  6. Pre-pay and SAVE!
  7. FAQs
    • How to I pause, stick or upgrade!
    • How do I change my details
    • When will payment be taken?
    • When will it be dispatched?
    • What’s the theme?
    • How do I cancel?
  8. Sign me up!

Every month inside your Mini One you will find:

Every Mini One will include 2 BRAND NEW pocket stencil designs, co-ordinated to that months theme.

Even better the Pocket stencils will now be in our #ClearCut format! To find out more about our stencils click here.

Every Mini One also contains a BRAND NEW and exclusive Washi tape, designed in house to co-ordinate perfectly with our monthly theme.

Each Washi is a whopping 10m in length so you will have plenty to play with in your journal spreads!

Each month we will carefully select a journaling accessory that works with the monthly theme.

This may be anything from a pen from one of your favourite brands, to a stamp designed especially by us and everything in-between. This is the true surprise element of your box!

Every body knows that #DaisyLovesPuns and our monthly postcard has become a firm favourite of our subscribers.

Some add them to their journal, others send on to a friend. Remeber, puns are life!

Due to popular demand, we now offer an upgrade to our monthly box.

The Mini One + PLUS includes everything above plus a whole lot more!

A brand new Oops a Daisy Classic stencil in our #ClearCut material. Featuring a header for the month ahead in 5 different fonts. Build up a collection for the whole year!

Every month we will create a sheet of monthly journal stickers that co-ordinate with the theme. This may be in terms of colour or design.

Our monthly sticker sheet contains 52 stickers in total. You can see an example here.

Our Mini One + PLUS also includes a handy monthly calendar card.featuring all the important dates for the month ahead and room for you to plan out your goals and tasks!

Our weekly journal sticker sheet also contains 52 stickers and will be co-ordinated to the monthly theme.

Take a look at our weekly journal stickers here.

Both the Mini One – Original and the Mini One + PLUS offer excellent value, but if you want to save EVEN MORE you can pre pay for 6 or 12 months and save up to 15% on both the box AND postage!

GIFT IT? The pre pay subscriptions do not auto renew, so you will need to resubscribe at the end of the term if you wish to continue to receive your planning goodies. This means they make excellent gifts – maybe give the gift of planning this year?

PLEASE NOTE: The pre pay subscriptions do not offer the option to choose – when you sign up you will need to select original or PLUS.

Q. What’s the theme?

We will notify you of the monthly theme via our newsletter prior to payment being taken. You can also find the theme information on our home page.

Q. How do I pause or upgrade my membership.

Simply log-in to the “my account” section of this website to view your active subscriptions.

Click on the subscription you wish to amend and click “SUSPEND” to pause your subscription or “CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION” to upgrade or downgrade.

If you do not log-in and amend your subscription then the subscription will auto renew each month on the previous months settings.

*Any changes to your subscription must be made prior to the payment date (1st of the month).

Q. I’m moving, how can I change my address?

Again, simply log into the “my account” section of this website and amend the details on each of your active subscriptions. This must be done prior to payment for the upcoming box being taken.

If payment has already been taken please email us:

Q. When will payment be taken?

Payment is taken via direct debit on 1st Month. If your subscription is suspended (paused) then no payment will be taken.

Q. When will my box be dispatched?

Your box will be shipped around the 14th of each month.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

You can end your Mini One subscription at any time, simply log into your account, click on your active subscription and select to cancel.

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